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7 Shocking Testosterone Killers and How To Naturally Get It Back In A Healthy Range

You have probably heard that age is the reason men experience low testosterone. It is true that levels of this crucial hormone naturally decline about 1 percent per year after age 30. But growing evidence shows that age, in itself, isn’t the cause of testosterone drops in healthy older men. Researchers discovered these drops actually […]

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“3 Supplements That Saved My Sex Life and Supercharged My Performance”

Check out this story from one of our loyal Inno Supps customers on how the Supercharged Male Stack changed his life — in more ways than one! Not long after my 38th birthday, I found myself experiencing an alarming decline in my manhood. Aren’t your 30s supposed to be the prime of your life? How […]

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7 Ways to Combat Swelling in Hands and Feet

As we age, our bodies undergo a variety of changes, including changes in circulation and blood flow. This can sometimes result in swelling in the hands and feet. In this article, we will explore some of the common causes of swelling in hands and feet and provide tips for improving circulation to reduce swelling and […]

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6 Hacks To Save Your Skin and Hair This Winter (not what you think)

Winter is coming and you already know what that means… chapped and cracked lips, dry and dull skin and hair that is downright dry and unmanageable.  Here are a few ways to offset winter’s adverse effects on your skin and hair.  6 TIPS FOR HEALTHIER SKIN AND HAIR THIS WINTER  1. Hydrate: Aim to drink […]

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Root Causes of Hair Loss [It’s Not Just Your Genes]

No more blaming hair loss or baldness on bad genes, or simply accepting that “it runs in the family…” After rigorous research studying men’s hair loss in hopes of finding a natural solution to this issue, one thing became painfully clear: There’s more than ONE cause of thinning hair in men… And genetics is probably […]

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5 Foods to Boost Your Libido

You’ve probably heard people say, “you are what you eat.” We can say without a doubt that statement is true. But what about when it comes to your sex drive!? Is it really true that some foods can increase your libido and make sex more pleasurable? There is no question that when you eat healthy […]

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