6 Hacks To Save Your Skin and Hair This Winter (not what you think)

Winter is coming and you already know what that means… chapped and cracked lips, dry and dull skin and hair that is downright dry and unmanageable. 

Here are a few ways to offset winter’s adverse effects on your skin and hair. 


1. Hydrate: Aim to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, even more, if you exercise or have a skin condition.  

2. Run A Humidifier: A humidifier in your home can help to add humidity and moisture into the air to help your skin retain moisture. 

3. Manage Stress Levels: The brain-skin axis is interconnected. Stress throws off our skin’s natural balance and increases the stress hormone cortisol. Stress also affects the skin because it breaks down collagen. Taking a quality multi-collagen supplement and collagen booster is your best line of defense in getting it back.

Our newest collagen product Inno Glow provides a generous supply of all three collagen types (most collagen supplements only have one,) an ingredient to stimulate your body’s own collagen production and an absorption enzyme, which is crucial since collagen can’t be absorbed by your body in its whole form.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet: You should avoid processed foods and synthetic sugars that can cause inflammation which leads to skin breakouts. Make sure you eat a nutritious diet with plenty of lean protein and produce full of antioxidants to help prevent damage to the cells of the body.

5. Focus On Gut Health: If your gut microbiome is unhealthy, your body can’t properly digest and absorb the vitamins and antioxidants in the healthy foods you eat. Ridding your body of toxic waste and incorporating a variety of pre, pro, and postbiotics helps create a healthy gut environment that supports better digestion and absorption of the nutrients it needs to have healthy hair, skin and nails. 

6. Protect From The Inside Out:  Products that go on your skin can only do so much. Research shows that taking certain vitamins and other nutritional supplements, including collagen, vitamin B12, vitamin C, biotin and zinc is the best way to keep your hair, skin and nails nourished.

Hair + Skin + Nails contains all the vitamins above, plus Verbasnol™, a natural botanical that boosts your body’s ability to produce collagen naturally. Since Verbasnol is a collagen booster and not collagen, Hair + Skin + Nails is an excellent collagen supplement for vegans who want this crucial protein’s beauty-boosting benefits.  

And fellas, don’t think these tips are just for the ladies…. 

It’s important you stay on top of taking these herbs, botanicals and collagen in the winter months too. Many of our male customers take Hair + Skin + Nails, but if hair loss is your biggest concern, check out Max Mane.

This doctor-recommended hair supplement has a powerful combination of natural ingredients shown to support and stimulate hair growth in men.

We hope you find these six tips to prevent winter from weathering your skin and hair helpful!!