Eating Out? Tips to Stay on Track Without Sabotaging Your Goals

Does the thought of eating out while trying to lose weight stress you out?

Every meal out doesn’t need to be reserved for a “cheat meal.” It is possible to eat at restaurants AND be healthy. You just need a few tricks up your sleeve so you can be prepared to make the best choices.

We’ve got some top strategies you can use to go out to eat without sabotaging your goals!

1. Scan the menu ahead of time

Check out the menu beforehand and see what fits your goals best!

Opt for leaner cuts of meats (sirloin or filet instead of ribeye or NY strip), steamed or baked carbs and veggies instead of those smothered and covered in sauces and condiments.

And watch out for those salads! Just because it’s a salad doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Leave out all the high-calorie cheese and croutons, and always opt for a low-calorie dressing. 

2. Ask your server

Don’t be afraid to ask your server if there’s healthier menu items available. Ask if your food can be grilled, steamed or baked without extra butter or oils. 

This can literally mean a difference of hundreds of calories and tons of unnecessary fat. If they can’t accommodate, pick the best option and watch your portions.

3. Don’t go starving

Eat a filling snack or meal before you eat out. This will enable you to avoid making decisions based on extreme hunger. Eat plenty of protein, and if you know your meal will be higher fat but lower carb, limit fats the rest of the day, and vice versa! 

4. Box it up or share

Restaurants often serve twice as much as you need for a standard serving. Be mindful of your portions and box up the rest for a later meal. Also, feel free to split an entrée with another person.

5. Eat slow & drink lots of water

Slow down, savor each bite, put your fork down between bites and engage in conversation. This works wonders for not overindulging and giving your stomach enough time to know when you are full.

Drinking plenty of water before arriving and while at the restaurant is also a great strategy to prevent overeating.

6. Take a carb blocker

Our doctor-approved Carb Cut Complete helps to inhibit the absorption of carbs and sugar from the GI tract. Formulated with science-backed, natural ingredients, Carb Cut Complete can help:

✓ Curb unhealthy cravings

✓ Promote healthy weight management

✓ Provide energy support

✓ Improve glucose metabolism while keeping blood sugar levels in check

Just simply take 30 minutes before a carb-heavy meal!

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10 Interesting Facts About Blood You May Not Know

Have you ever stopped to think about one of the most important substances in your body? Blood is what keeps us alive and functioning, yet many people don’t know much about it. From the color of blood to the length of blood vessels, here are some truly fascinating facts: 

1. It changes the scale

When you look at the number on the scale, some of those pounds are blood. This vital fluid accounts for about 8 percent of your body weight, and about 2000 gallons are pumped around the body daily. 

2. It’s golden

Our body has about 0.2 mg of gold, and most is…. you guessed it…running through your veins!  

3. It has a short shelf life

Red blood cells circulate in the body for about 4 months, platelets for about 9 days, and white blood cells range from a few hours to several days.  

4. Blood vessels could circle the planet, and then some

Your blood vessels might be small, but they are very long! If they were laid out in a line, they would measure more than 60,000 miles in length. Technically they could circle the world more than twice! 

5. It’s almost faster than a speeding bullet 

It only takes 20 to 60 seconds for one drop to travel from the heart, through your body, and back to the heart again; 20 seconds for it to circulate the entire human body; and oxygenated blood leaves the aorta of the heart at the speed of 1 mile an hour.

6. Blood vessels adore chocolate 

Eating moderate amounts of chocolate could offer some benefits in keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy. According to a published study, chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, contains flavonoids believed to have strong antioxidant properties that promote better heart health.

7. Eyes don’t have any

Every part of the body receives this vital fluid, except the eyes. The cornea is the only part of the human body with no blood supply; it gets oxygen directly through the air.

8. It makes A LOT of people queasy

While some can’t take the sight of it from time to time, there’s an actual condition called hemophobia, which is a blood phobia, that affects around 3–4% of the general population. 

9. It’s not possible to mimic

You can dupe many things, but it’s one thing you can’t fake. There is no such thing as artificial blood, which is why donating it is so important. So if you have a minute, take the time to donate! 

10. “O” how mosquitoes love it

The most common type in the United States is O positive. Unfortunately, that is also the type that mosquitoes love the most! 

And did you know that proper blood flow is essential for overall health? If you suffer from poor circulation or have pesky cold hands and feel all the time, you may want to check out Nitro Wood. The ingredients help boost the body’s natural production of nitric oxide, which helps relax and expand vessels, enhancing circulation flow and allowing it to reach every part of the body for optimal health and wellness! 

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6 Hacks To Save Your Skin and Hair This Winter (not what you think)

Winter is coming and you already know what that means… chapped and cracked lips, dry and dull skin and hair that is downright dry and unmanageable. 

Here are a few ways to offset winter’s adverse effects on your skin and hair. 


1. Hydrate: Aim to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water daily, even more, if you exercise or have a skin condition.  

2. Run A Humidifier: A humidifier in your home can help to add humidity and moisture into the air to help your skin retain moisture. 

3. Manage Stress Levels: The brain-skin axis is interconnected. Stress throws off our skin’s natural balance and increases the stress hormone cortisol. Stress also affects the skin because it breaks down collagen. Taking a quality multi-collagen supplement and collagen booster is your best line of defense in getting it back.

Our newest collagen product Inno Glow provides a generous supply of all three collagen types (most collagen supplements only have one,) an ingredient to stimulate your body’s own collagen production and an absorption enzyme, which is crucial since collagen can’t be absorbed by your body in its whole form.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet: You should avoid processed foods and synthetic sugars that can cause inflammation which leads to skin breakouts. Make sure you eat a nutritious diet with plenty of lean protein and produce full of antioxidants to help prevent damage to the cells of the body.

5. Focus On Gut Health: If your gut microbiome is unhealthy, your body can’t properly digest and absorb the vitamins and antioxidants in the healthy foods you eat. Ridding your body of toxic waste and incorporating a variety of pre, pro, and postbiotics helps create a healthy gut environment that supports better digestion and absorption of the nutrients it needs to have healthy hair, skin and nails. 

6. Protect From The Inside Out:  Products that go on your skin can only do so much. Research shows that taking certain vitamins and other nutritional supplements, including collagen, vitamin B12, vitamin C, biotin and zinc is the best way to keep your hair, skin and nails nourished.

Hair + Skin + Nails contains all the vitamins above, plus Verbasnol™, a natural botanical that boosts your body’s ability to produce collagen naturally. Since Verbasnol is a collagen booster and not collagen, Hair + Skin + Nails is an excellent collagen supplement for vegans who want this crucial protein’s beauty-boosting benefits.  

And fellas, don’t think these tips are just for the ladies…. 

It’s important you stay on top of taking these herbs, botanicals and collagen in the winter months too. Many of our male customers take Hair + Skin + Nails, but if hair loss is your biggest concern, check out Max Mane.

This doctor-recommended hair supplement has a powerful combination of natural ingredients shown to support and stimulate hair growth in men.

We hope you find these six tips to prevent winter from weathering your skin and hair helpful!!

8 Fascinating Facts About Your Gut

Your gut rules everything around it, from your brain function to energy production to hormone balance. So we’ve rounded out 8 fascinating facts that you may or may not know about your gut. Plus we’ve outlined methods to keep it — and you – in tip-top shape.

1. It Houses Lots Of Bugs
Trillions of microscopic bugs live in your intestines. There are more bacteria living in your gut than cells in your body. And if you upset these bugs and throw them off-balance, you’ll start noticing problems head to toe. You can keep these bugs happy by feeding them with live organisms and plant fibers called prebiotics and probiotics

2. It’s Your Second Brain
Your gut houses its own nervous system called the enteric nervous system (ENS). The nerve cells in the ENS are connected to your brain’s central nervous system (CNS) through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

These systems constantly talk with each other, transmitting information about the state of the digestive system to the brain and vice versa. This communication impacts the movement of food through the digestive system, the release of digestive enzymes, the absorption of nutrients, regulation of hunger hormones, and even mood. Stress can cause the CNS to send signals to the ENC, leading to digestive upset. For example, those “gut feelings” — that’s your gut talking directly with your brain! 

An unhealthy gut can disrupt this communication. One reason to keep your microbiome healthy! 

3. It Can Make You Happier

Do you know where most of your body’s serotonin is produced? Serotonin, known as the “feel-good hormone,” is key in promoting happiness and pleasure while reducing depression and anxiety. Most people assume this hormone is primarily found in the brain, but there is approximately 400 times more serotonin produced in your gut than in the brain. 

If your gut isn’t happy, you aren’t happy. Much of the root cause goes back to those bugs we talked about earlier. Too many bad bacteria and not enough healthy bacteria can trigger inflammation and affect the production of serotonin. 

4. It Can Keep You From Getting Sick 

A whopping 70-80 percent of your immune cells live in your digestive tract. Your gut must be healthy if you want to ward off illness and disease.

A healthy, diverse microbiota makes it difficult for illness-causing bacteria and viruses to take hold. In contrast, a weak microbiota with a shortage of good bacteria can leave you vulnerable to viruses and even more severe health conditions.

5. It Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Weight

People with obesity have different compositions of intestinal bacteria compared to those with a healthy weight. This finding brought about further research into why this might be the case. 

Experts believe it could be because an unhealthy gut affects the absorption of nutrients, alters the production of hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate appetite and metabolism, and increases inflammation, all of which can contribute to weight gain.

Additionally, unhealthy, clogged up bowels can lead to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria, which can produce toxins that disrupt metabolism and contribute to weight gain and metabolic disease.

6. It Can Keep Your Skin Clear and Healthy

Imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to inflammation of the skin, which can contribute to things like acne, eczema and dermatitis. 

A healthy microbiome can help reduce inflammation and support the body’s natural healing processes, which can help keep the skin clear and healthy. Additionally, healthy intestinal lining can help the body absorb nutrients essential for healthy skin, such as vitamins and minerals. 

7. It Carries Around Pounds of Waste
It goes without saying that your bowels contain feces and undigested food. But you might not know that all the toxins you encounter from food, water or the environment can get stuck, leaving the average person carrying between 5 to 20 lb. of waste in their intestines at all times!

Even if you are regular, chances are you still have a lot of gunk stuck in your gut. You need to “flush” it all away to create a healthy environment for good bacteria to thrive, reducing the risk of abdominal pain, bloating, constipation and increased risk of intestinal permeability.

8. It Can “Leak” If You Don’t “Seal” It

The gut has a lining composed of a single layer of cells known as the epithelium. If this seal is damaged, it can allow substances, such as undigested food particles, toxins and bacteria, to pass through the lining and into the bloodstream, leading to inflammation and a wide range of health problems.

Many things can cause this damage, such as poor diet, stress, certain medications, and, you guessed it — unhealthy gut flora! 

This three-step approach arms you with everything you need to help transform your gut from the crucial angles mentioned throughout this article.

Inno Cleanse

Inno Cleanse Gives your body a total reset by gently flushing out pounds of toxic waste. This one-of-a-kind formula uses clinically backed natural ingredients like cascara sagrada, cape aloe, fennel seed, bentonite, milk thistle and more to gently purge and purify your insides. 

Inno Cleanse won’t have you cramping or running to find the closest bathroom. Expect to experience a gentle urge to go. Then within 24-48 hours, pounds of toxic waste will “come out,” leaving you with improved digestion, reduced bloating, and a slimmer waistline.

Inno Gut Restore

Inno Gut Restore This advanced formula will flood your gut with beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes. Expect to improve digestive function and eliminate stomach discomfort and excess gas while getting rid of bloating in a matter of days. 

This unique formula contains:

  • Super Probiotic Blend – 10.15 billion CFU per serving of a variety of good lactobacillus and bifidobacterium bacteria.
  • Advanced Prebiotic Compound – Jerusalem artichoke and inulin root powder.
  • Cutting-Edge Digestive Enzymes – Pepzyme AG™ and DigeSEB®; patented digestive enzyme blends known to be the most studied and proven effective blends of advanced digestive enzymes on the market. 

It also contains ginger root extract, which is shown to have remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. 

Inno Gut Protect

Inno Gut Protect This product seals the deal and fortifies the gut lining with a cutting-edge postbiotic compound called CoreBiome®. This is a first-of-its-kind tributyrin, the most bioavailable form of butyrate, which is a nutrient produced by bacteria in the gut from dietary fiber.

Butyrate (found in CoreBiome®) is the most important short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) for gut health and the main fuel for the gut cells, and will help:

  • Repair damaged gut lining
  • Help regulate and prevent inflammation
  • Supercharge your immune system

Inno Gut Protect also has a super probiotic blend for further digestive health support and grape seed extract. This powerful antioxidant protects the intestinal lining from oxidative stress and improves gut barrier function. 

Final thoughts

Hopefully, these gut facts help you realize how vital this complex organ is for gastrointestinal health, total-body health and happiness. When you take care of your gut, it takes care of you!

Don’t know where to start? Inno Supps’ Complete Gut Health Stack has everything you need! Flush out toxic waste, flood your system with good bacteria, and strengthen, repair and seal the gut lining!

Enhance Gut Health Reduce Bloating and Improve Overall Wellness