Root Causes of Hair Loss [It’s Not Just Your Genes]

No more blaming hair loss or baldness on bad genes, or simply accepting that “it runs in the family…”

After rigorous research studying men’s hair loss in hopes of finding a natural solution to this issue, one thing became painfully clear:

There’s more than ONE cause of thinning hair in men…

And genetics is probably one of the LEAST important factors. 

If you’ve been hiding your bald spot under an endless rotation of hats…

Or watching helplessly as your hairline recedes farther and farther onto your scalp…

Or even feeling terrified as the hair on the top of your head slowly starts to thin…

Then you could be struggling with one or more of the REAL root causes of hair thinning and baldness in men, like:

The sneaky little enzyme that spikes DHT levels — the No. 1 root cause of hair loss in men…

A hair follicle malfunction that slows down growth and accelerates shedding, creating a critical “hair loss cycle” …

A dangerous depletion of this structural hair protein common in men over 30 – leading to breakage and baldness…

And that’s just three of the nine root causes of hair loss in men! 

Our solution to target the causes of hair loss in men

Our newest product Max Mane is formulated with clinically studied natural ingredients shown to…

  • Target ALL the root causes of hair shedding and thinning at the source — including the No. 1 culprit behind male baldness…
  • Help fortify fair hair with “biological building blocks” to keep it strong, prevent breakage and promote thickness…
  • Hack the hair growth cycle to fight back against thinning and shedding, and stimulate rapid growth!

If you want to learn more about all nine root causes of hair thinning and baldness in men, and how to target them to help prevent hair loss and stimulate rapid growth…

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Maximize Male Health in the Gym Bedroom and Beyond

5 Signs Your Hormones Are Imbalanced

Your hormones are essential for regulating most major bodily processes – metabolism, blood sugar, blood pressure, sexual function, reproduction, menstruation, mood, stress levels, sleep, gut health and much more! 

While it’s more likely to happen to women over 40, hormone imbalances can occur at ANY age. Even slight imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body that can make your life downright miserable. 

Here are 5 signs of hormonal imbalance in women:

  1. Low Sex Drive: An imbalance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels can reduce sexual drive and energy in women. Statistics say that hormonal imbalances cause 70% of low libido cases in women. 

  2. Unexplained Weight Gain or Weight Loss: A long list of hormones comes into play, but too much or too little estrogen and issues with your thyroid are the key hormones that could be off if you have unexplained weight issues. Weight fluctuations are normal, but if you’ve gained or lost a significant amount of weight in a short time or aren’t losing weight despite exercising and dieting, your hormones are likely to blame. 

  3. Trouble Sleeping: Fluctuations of thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, progesterone, melatonin and growth hormone can all cause sleep difficulties. In women, low estrogen levels can also disrupt sleep. 

  4. Irregular Menstrual Cycle: Irregular periods are extremely common as the first sign of hormonal imbalance. Several hormones are involved in the menstrual cycle. Because of this, an imbalance in any one or several of those hormones can cause irregular periods or even total loss of menstruation (amenorrhea).

  5. Mood Swings: Many hormones can impact your mood. Estrogen, serotonin, testosterone, and thyroid dysfunction – to name only a few. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could indicate that your hormones aren’t in proper balance. 

It’s crucial to address hormonal imbalances as soon as possible. Your best line of attack is to supplement with a few key natural vitamins, herbs and minerals in clinically effective dosages. 

That is why we created Inno Drive: For Her. This female-focused hormone health support supplement is formulated with doctor-backed natural ingredients in clinically effective dosages to help…

  •  Lower Stress
  • Boost Libido
  • Enhance Circulation 
  • Increase Energy
  • Support Hormone Balance

Taken consistently, just two capsules a day can help maximize desire, vitality and boost libido by supporting more balanced hormones, enhancing circulation and lowering the stress hormone cortisol.

4 Things Your Stomach Might Be Telling You [And How to Fix it]

Gut health issues are at an all time high. Many modern factors are to blame for the “epidemic” of poor gut health…

And the statistics show these issues will only continue to get worse.

Here’s 4 common issues that your stomach might be telling you:

1. Bloating (indigestion/abdominal pain)

Bloating is excess gas in your intestines.

If this happens to you after certain meals, it may be a food intolerance. Keep a food journal to track your meals and find what works for you (and what doesn’t). Bloating may also be a sign of bacteria overgrowth in the gut or conditions like IBS.

2. Constipation

Regular constipation may mean you need to “flush” your gut. Why?

Most people have over 10+ pounds of toxic waste sitting in their intestines. Along with getting enough fiber, exercise and staying hydrated, flushing this out will help get things moving.

3. Increased Belly Fat (overeating or cravings)

Poor gut health and a bacteria imbalance can make you overeat.

Get enough fiber to help digestion and use a daily probiotic to rebalance your microbiome.

4. Leaky Gut Syndrome

Foods like grains and sugar, bacterial imbalance, pharmaceutical drugs, and other triggers can break down your intestinal barrier…

Leading to a weak and porous gut lining. This leads to the syndrome we know as “leaky gut” (and symptoms like bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, brain fog, and more).

The only known way to reverse leaky gut is to do a complete “gut reset.”

Shop our best selling 3-part “gut reset” system to optimize overall gut health, reduce bloating and enhance weight loss!

5 Sneaky Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

Let’s get straight to the point – having a low or non-existent sex drive can suck big time.

It makes you irritable, can create relational issues and downright make you feel less of a woman. 

Scientists and medical experts agree that the code to cracking the female libido is complex. Of course, aging and relational issues are major players, but they have discovered other sneaky reasons why you can’t get in the mood.

To help you better understand what might be causing your low libido, we rounded up Five Sneaky Causes Of Low Sex Drive and how Inno Drive: For Her can help you get it back.


Certain Medications/Medical Conditions: Antidepressants, statins and birth control are a few medications known to induce deficient levels of sex hormones, leading to a non-existent sex drive. There are also certain medical conditions like arthritis, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease and neurological diseases that can impact your desire and satisfaction. 

Too Much or Too Little Exercise: Almost all of your sex hormones can benefit from regular exercise. But over-exercising can cause these same hormones to bottom out. You want to find a good balance, especially considering that many women feel insecure when they are even slightly overweight, leading to not being confident enough to be physically vulnerable with your partner. 

Stress: Never underestimate the impact stress has on all aspects of your life, sex drive included. When your adrenal glands become depleted due to chronic stress, this causes your testosterone levels to tank. Healthy testosterone levels are critical for a woman’s desire. 

Skimping On Sleep: If you are exhausted, of course, you won’t want to get it on! Studies have discovered that, for women, just one more hour of sleep was linked to a 14 percent increase in the odds a woman would engage in sexual activity with a partner. 

Your Hormones Are Imbalanced: Last but certainly not least, you could be doing all of the above and still have unbalanced sex hormones. While it’s more likely to happen to women over 40, hormone imbalances can occur at ANY age. This is probably the number one reason women lack sexual desire. If you want to see if you have some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance, check out this quick read. There are 5 tell-tell signs you might be overlooking! 


Addressing those first four causes of low sex drive is gonna be up to you to nail down. Here are some of our suggestions that might help….

  • Never stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. Talk with them if you think you are taking any medications that could be damaging your “drive.”
  • If you have issues with sleep, try creating a bedtime routine, limiting caffeine intake and supplementing with a nighttime sleep aid like Inno Supps Night Shred or Night Shred Black.
  • If you struggle to get to the gym, a pre-workout like Storm Maker can be your best friend! We have several pre-workouts to choose from. Some are even stimulant-free– like Max Strength HCI.
  • If managing stress is an issue, incorporate at least 10 minutes each day to focus on your mental health. Exercise, sunlight, meditation, yoga and journaling are excellent ways to lower stress. You might also want to check your gut! If your microbiome isn’t healthy, researchers believe it can significantly impact stress response. The Complete Gut Health Stack can help revitalize your gut health quickly! 

We’ve got you fully covered when it comes to that last fundamental cause of low sex drive in women (unbalanced hormones)!

You probably don’t need costly injections or creams to create hormone balance; most women just need to add a few key vitamins, herbs and minerals into their daily supplement regime! 

Inno Drive: For Her can help with that!


Taken consistently, Inno Drive: For Her helps balance the hormones that work together to get you in the mood to have sex, make sex more pleasurable, and then help end things with a bigger .. umm .. well .. bang. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of each ingredient and how it can help skyrocket your sex drive and satisfaction in the bedroom.

KSM-66® Ashwagandha: Research suggests that men and women who consume ashwagandha experience increased libido, lubrication and satisfaction.

S7®: A combination of seven plant-based superfoods that has been clinically shown to effectively help the body increase its own nitric oxide production by up to 230% (essential for both energy and circulation where it matters most).

Epimedium: Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium is a known aphrodisiac.

Tribulus – A botanical known to naturally increase sexual desire, arousal and satisfaction in women. 

American Ginseng Root Powder – Studies show that ginger supports balanced hormone levels to help improve sexual health in women and increase sexual drive. 

Damiana Leaf Powder – A sexual stimulant and aphrodisiac that may  improve female sexual enjoyment. 

Ginger Root Powder – A stimulant that helps increase blood flow, which may help enhance libido and sexual arousal. 

Maca Root Extract – Maca has historically been used to boost fertility and sexual desire. Some studies even show that maca has the potential to treat sexual dysfunction in women. 

Shatavari Root Extract – A well-known aphrodisiac for women, this natural herb helps stimulate female libido and supercharge female sexual health. 

Niacin (B3) – An essential vitamin that supports healthy hormone levels –– it also acts as a vasodilator to increase blood vessel size, which improves blood flow and helps with sexual dysfunction. 

More B Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12) – B vitamins play a vital role in hormone function and support. They help nurture the nervous system, improve mood and restore your drive leading to increased sexual desire.

Zinc – Helps  improve bone density (especially in post-menopausal women), plus it supports healthy immune system function, wound healing and a healthy metabolism.

Inno Drive: For Her is formulated JUST FOR WOMEN, and we believe there is nothing else like it on the market!

Sure, there are other female libido boosters out there that have one or two of the ingredients in Inno Drive: For Her, but in our research, we found that even the “most popular” ones don’t have a crucial ingredient that is in Inno Drive: For Her – the second one on the list above – S7®.

Considering poor blood flow to the vagina affects a woman’s ability to even become aroused and have sexual intercourse, and what science says S7® can do to improve circulation and blood flow– we don’t believe a female libido booster is complete without it! 

We are so confident this supplement will help you see a marked improvement in your sex game that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But don’t just take our word for it. 

Besides the reviews pouring in from our female customers and even males who are thrilled their lady has her drive back, Inno Drive: For Her is also endorsed by an actual doctor!

“Proper circulation and balanced hormones are vital for females to achieve peak sexual health and satisfaction. And Inno Drive: For Her contains the correct, clinically proven dosage of certain ingredients, which is why the women who take it report seeing incredible results, and why I highly recommend it.”  Cedars-Sinai Cardiologist, Dr. David Filsoof. 

Click here to try it out for yourself!

How to Stay Lean and Healthy During the Holidays

The holiday season is coming up and you know what that means…

Tons of holiday feasts and treats with loved ones!

As a result, it can be hard to stay consistent with your fitness and nutrition…

So we put together a survival guide to help you stay on target with your health goals this season:

1. Practice portion control
One of the biggest mistakes people make is binge-eating during holiday gatherings.

Instead of immediately going back for seconds, eat a smaller portion and wait a bit…

Chances are you won’t feel as hungry and you’ll save yourself hundreds of extra calories.

2. Stay active during traveling Exercising while traveling is one of the best ways to stay in shape during the holiday season.

Spare 30-45 minutes every day for some form of physical activity whether it be shopping, sightseeing or quick exercises you can do in your hotel room!  

3. Stick to your normal fitness routine
It can be tempting to sit and watch TV all day with loved ones…

But thinking of your long-term goals is worth staying consistent with your health and fitness.

Ask a friend or family member to tag along to keep you accountable! It’s always motivating and enjoyable to have a partner supporting you through workouts even when you don’t feel like it. 

4. Prioritize sleep
Studies show that the less you sleep, the more unstable your metabolism and hormone levels become…

And this may lead to unwanted weight gain.

So make sure you’re getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

5. Stay hydratedMany times when we crave a snack because we’re ‘hungry’?

Our bodies are actually just thirsty!

So instead of reaching for the cookie jar, drink a glass of water first. 

It’ll keep your metabolism active and also reduce your caloric intake!

Staying consistent and following these tips will ensure that you stay in tip-top shape all season long…

But if you still need an extra ‘push’ to help burn a few extra pounds, consider trying out our Carb Cut Shred Stack.

It contains 5 powerful fat-burning supplements that help:

✓ Reduce the absorption of carbs

✓ Eliminate toxins and waste from your body

✓ Optimize your energy levels

✓ Burn fat ALL day and night long (yes, even while you’re fast asleep)

✓ And more!

Learn more about our Carb Cut Shred Stack today!

Winter Bulk: 3 Supplements You Need For Gains Season

‘Tis the season for making gains!! While you don’t have to time “bulking” with the seasons, many people prefer to bulk in the winter months.

With sweaters replacing swimsuits and so many high-calorie gatherings during the holidays, winter is a great time of year to increase your food intake and dedicate time to building as much lean muscle mass as possible. 

That said, there is a right and wrong way to go about it. 

The goal of bulking is to go hard in the gym and pack on as much muscle as possible without gaining excess body fat. 

It’s not difficult, but doing so effectively does require a specific strategy….. 

Lift Heavy + Less Cardio + Extra Sleep  + Eat More + Proper Supplementation 

The first three are pretty self-explanatory; it’s those last two where many people get bulking wrong. We’re here to show you how to bulk up the RIGHT way!! 

Eat More Protein

Protein will always be king for muscle growth. Your muscles need protein to grow. Choking down pounds of chicken breast gets old… fast. Not to mention, your muscles need a more fast-acting protein source following a strenuous workout. 

Inno Supps Clean Vegan Protein offers 24g of pea protein isolate, the most bioavailable and superior form of plant-based protein; it also contains an organic greens blend, antioxidant blend and digestive enzymes for clean whole body nutrition in every serving. 

And unlike other vegan proteins on the market, Clean Vegan Protein tastes amazing and is naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, not chemicals or artificial sugar. 

Supplement With Creatine

Creatine is arguably the most research-tested and proven supplement available for strength and lean muscle gains. It is also crucial for faster recovery, which is needed when lifting heavy during a bulk. 

There are many forms of creatine on the market. One of the most popular is a super-concentrated form of creatine called creatine HCI. 

Inno Supps Max Strength HCl contains 2,000mg of creatine HCI, plus science-backed ingredients that amplify pumps and supercharge circulation. Max Strength HCI is the perfect supplement to add during bulking to help accelerate your muscle-building power and optimize your recovery so you can max every workout!

Amplify Your Lifts With A Pump + Endurance + Focus Formulated Pre-Workout

You must make the most of every lift during a bulking season. To achieve that, you need a quality pre-workout!

Storm Maker contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that will amplify your workouts by giving you clean, hard-hitting energy (without that horrible post-workout crash), increased blood flow for skin-tearing pumps, laser-focused mental drive for stamina and mind-muscle connection, and more strength and endurance so you can burst through plateaus and crank out reps beyond your previous limits!

If your goal with this off-season bulk is to maximize muscle gain while minimizing fat gain, make sure you’re adding Clean Vegan Protein, Max Strength HCI and Storm Maker to your supplement stack!

We hope you found this winter gains guide helpful! Happy bulking season!

3 Research-Backed Tips for Deep, Quality Sleep

Did you know that over 40% of Americans are sleep-deprived? Not prioritizing sleep is detrimental to your health. It can cause:

Weight gain…

Cognitive problems…

A weak immune system…

Skin issues like fine lines and wrinkles…

Risk for diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure.

If you’re someone who can’t seem to stay asleep for longer than a few hours or constantly wake up multiple times throughout the night, follow these 3 research-backed tips to instantly improve your sleep quality:

1. Avoid screens (blue light) before bed

Blue light from our phones, computers and TVs ‘trick’ our brain into thinking it’s daytime. It sends out hormones to keep you wide awake.

Try finding other ways to wind down for bed like meditation, lighting candles or even reading a book. 

2. Optimize your sleep environment

Set up your bedroom for sleep success— ideally cool, dark and comfortable. Investing in a quality mattress and pillows that fit your comfort needs can also go a long way. 

3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol after 4PM

Caffeine and alcohol can take over 10 hours to fully exit your body causing issues falling and staying asleep. Avoid the nightcap and try a soothing drink instead like chamomile tea or warm milk.

But if you’ve tried them all and still have trouble sleeping?

==> Check out Night Shred— our best-selling nighttime sleep aid and fat burner. 

This natural sleep aid is clinically-shown to:

✓ Significantly enhance deep quality sleep

✓ Help you sleep faster and longer

✓ Wake up refreshed and full of energy

✓ Reduces stress and improves mental well-being

✓ Burns stubborn fat and boosts metabolism while at rest 

Happy snoozing!