10 Interesting Facts About Blood You May Not Know

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Have you ever stopped to think about one of the most important substances in your body? Blood is what keeps us alive and functioning, yet many people don’t know much about it. From the color of blood to the length of blood vessels, here are some truly fascinating facts: 

1. It changes the scale

When you look at the number on the scale, some of those pounds are blood. This vital fluid accounts for about 8 percent of your body weight, and about 2000 gallons are pumped around the body daily. 

2. It’s golden

Our body has about 0.2 mg of gold, and most is…. you guessed it…running through your veins!  

3. It has a short shelf life

Red blood cells circulate in the body for about 4 months, platelets for about 9 days, and white blood cells range from a few hours to several days.  

4. Blood vessels could circle the planet, and then some

Your blood vessels might be small, but they are very long! If they were laid out in a line, they would measure more than 60,000 miles in length. Technically they could circle the world more than twice! 

5. It’s almost faster than a speeding bullet 

It only takes 20 to 60 seconds for one drop to travel from the heart, through your body, and back to the heart again; 20 seconds for it to circulate the entire human body; and oxygenated blood leaves the aorta of the heart at the speed of 1 mile an hour.

6. Blood vessels adore chocolate 

Eating moderate amounts of chocolate could offer some benefits in keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy. According to a published study, chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, contains flavonoids believed to have strong antioxidant properties that promote better heart health.

7. Eyes don’t have any

Every part of the body receives this vital fluid, except the eyes. The cornea is the only part of the human body with no blood supply; it gets oxygen directly through the air.

8. It makes A LOT of people queasy

While some can’t take the sight of it from time to time, there’s an actual condition called hemophobia, which is a blood phobia, that affects around 3–4% of the general population. 

9. It’s not possible to mimic

You can dupe many things, but it’s one thing you can’t fake. There is no such thing as artificial blood, which is why donating it is so important. So if you have a minute, take the time to donate! 

10. “O” how mosquitoes love it

The most common type in the United States is O positive. Unfortunately, that is also the type that mosquitoes love the most! 

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