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Female Vitality Stack: Support Libido, Hormones, Better Sleep

Ladies, have you ever felt like your zest for life has been sucked out of you?  You know, things like… Low sex drive and lackluster satisfaction Horrible symptoms when your “monthly visitor” comes  Low self-esteem (most likely due to weight gain or aging)  No “zest” for things you once enjoyed Feeling unsettled or imbalanced Ongoing […]

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5 Surprising Ways You Are Making PMS Worse And How To Fix It

Let’s get straight to the point. Periods suck. Period.  There is nothing “fun” about having days of bloating, GI distress, trouble sleeping, fatigue, acne, breast tenderness, insatiable hunger, food cravings, moodiness and irritability. Did we cover it all?  Oh wait, how could we forget the punch to the gut cramping that won’t go away no […]

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6 Hacks To Save Your Skin and Hair This Winter (not what you think)

Winter is coming and you already know what that means… chapped and cracked lips, dry and dull skin and hair that is downright dry and unmanageable.  Here are a few ways to offset winter’s adverse effects on your skin and hair.  6 TIPS FOR HEALTHIER SKIN AND HAIR THIS WINTER  1. Hydrate: Aim to drink […]

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5 Signs Your Hormones Are Imbalanced

Your hormones are essential for regulating most major bodily processes – metabolism, blood sugar, blood pressure, sexual function, reproduction, menstruation, mood, stress levels, sleep, gut health and much more!  While it’s more likely to happen to women over 40, hormone imbalances can occur at ANY age. Even slight imbalances can cause side effects throughout the […]

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5 Sneaky Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women

Let’s get straight to the point – having a low or non-existent sex drive can suck big time. It makes you irritable, can create relational issues and downright make you feel less of a woman.  Scientists and medical experts agree that the code to cracking the female libido is complex. Of course, aging and relational […]

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5 Foods to Boost Your Libido

You’ve probably heard people say, “you are what you eat.” We can say without a doubt that statement is true. But what about when it comes to your sex drive!? Is it really true that some foods can increase your libido and make sex more pleasurable? There is no question that when you eat healthy […]

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