5 Surprising Ways You Are Making PMS Worse And How To Fix It

Let’s get straight to the point. Periods suck. Period. 

There is nothing “fun” about having days of bloating, GI distress, trouble sleeping, fatigue, acne, breast tenderness, insatiable hunger, food cravings, moodiness and irritability.

Did we cover it all? 

Oh wait, how could we forget the punch to the gut cramping that won’t go away no matter how long you lie on a heating pad or how tight a ball you curl yourself into. 

You might think there isn’t anything you can do to tame the emotional and ravenous beast that seems to take over your body during “that time of the month,” – but there are things that you can do (and not do) that will make it feel less like your period is sucking the life out of you. 

We recently formulated a science-backed and doctor-approved supplement that can help with intense cravings, bloating, cramping, mood swings and fatigue. It’s called Complete PMS Support– a one-of-kind female-focused supplement that people are already raving about!! 

We’ll tell you all about it a little further down. But first, we want to talk about a few lifestyle choices that you are likely making that could be causing your period pains to be worse. 

Complete PMS Support Is A Natural Way To Ditch Your PMS Symptoms 

Even if you avoid everything listed above– things like age, genetics and many other hormonal factors can still cause many to have a downright miserable period. 

That is exactly why we created COMPLETE PMS SUPPORT. Consider it your monthly ally that helps provide period relief from the inside out. 

We spent endless hours researching and consulting with doctors and formulators to develop a female-focused formula that contains the most scientifically backed natural ingredients to help combat the most common symptoms related to PMS. 

Chasteberry: This traditional remedy used to balance hormones is coined “The Women’s Herb” for a good reason! Chasteberry has been used for centuries to treat menstrual problems that come from unbalanced hormones. It’s been shown to support hormone balance, reduce breast tenderness and lessen mood swings, bloating and cramps. It can also increase prolactin, which is said to promote ovulation and menstruation in women with irregular cycles.

Calcium: As mentioned above, consuming adequate amounts of calcium may help alleviate cramps, back pain, mood swings, fluid retention, cravings, headaches and other symptoms associated with your monthly cycle. And since it’s best to avoid dairy during your period, supplementing with a quality calcium supplement is definitely something you should consider. 

Vitamin B6: Some of the most common symptoms that surface before and during your period are mood swings and irritability. Several studies show Vitamin B6 can improve your mood. Vitamin B6 also supports your immune and central nervous systems, which helps with the brain fog that often comes with your cycle. Vitamin B6 is also shown to make calcium even more effective when taken together.

We formulated Complete PMS Support to not only contain each of these natural ingredients, but made sure each serving provides clinically effective dosages, which is really important!

STOP doing the five period killers listed above and incorporate Complete PMS Support and we guarantee you can make PMS agony a thing of the past!!

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