Lance dropped 50 LBS! His transformation is SHOCKING!

“I actually had man boobs before I started taking this stack! Now, my man boobs are gone, my love handles have melted away and my stomach is so much flatter… My clothes fit so much better now.”

Lance was in pretty good shape until he was derailed by a devastating knee injury from a snowboarding accident. Several surgeries later, he found himself overweight at 260 pounds. 

The extra weight made him sluggish with no energy, especially when he woke up in the morning. And working 12-hour days didn’t help. It was a struggle just to find time to work out…

Once his doctor cleared him, Lance hit the gym full force. But he wasn’t getting the results he hoped for, mainly because his diet and nutrition just weren’t there…

Then came the Thermo Shred Stack which helped him lose over 50 pounds!

Now he’s 211 pounds… and showing off nice, lean muscle with his weight loss.

Lance is down to 211 pounds, his BMI is down 10% and his blood sugar levels declined – which is life-changing because he is diabetic. 

Lance not only reached his fitness goals, but he achieved his health goal of getting completely off prescription medication!

Even he is shocked by his new transformation! And he absolutely LOVES Inno Supps products because they don’t have any artificial sweeteners or fillers — so he 100% recommends them to his friends and family.

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