5 Top Habits For Restful Sleep

We love seeing people’s faces light up when we share the surprising news that the easiest path to reaching their health and fitness goals is by getting quality sleep. It might sound too good to be true, but sleep is just as important as eating well and exercising regularly. We put together this guide to show you why sleep matters and give you some simple tips to make sure you’re getting the rest you deserve.

No Screens 1-2 Hours Before Bedtime: Using electronic devices with screens before bedtime can disrupt sleep as the blue light they emit suppresses the secretion of melatonin. To avoid this, it’s best to not bring electronic devices to bed, or use blue light-blocking glasses if necessary.

Create A Pre-Bed Calming Routine: Relaxing before bedtime helps improve sleep quality. Activities that can help with relaxation include taking a warm bath, reading, meditating or praying, journaling, listening to music, and using candles or aromatherapy. Choose activities that cater to your own unique needs and preferences.

Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule: Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is crucial for good sleep quality and regulating the circadian rhythm. Irregular sleep schedules have negative impacts on both heart health and metabolism. Studies have shown that irregular sleep increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome, which can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Don’t Go To Bed Overly Stuffed Or Hungry: Eating a heavy meal before bed or going to bed hungry can both negatively impact sleep. Whether or not to eat before bed is a controversial topic, but it’s important to remember that total calorie intake is more important than timing. To avoid gastrointestinal discomfort and disrupted sleep, it’s best to avoid a large meal close to bedtime and opt for a simple, easy-to-digest snack. Additionally, it’s important to avoid caffeine and alcohol close to bedtime as they can affect the ability to fall asleep and interrupt sleep.

What do you do if all the above fail?

If you still have issues falling or staying asleep, it might be time to consider supplementing with a natural sleep aid. 

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