Jerry lost 200 pounds with this stack and kept it off!

We get thousands of success stories from people who lost weight with the help of Inno Supps. 

We LOVE knowing our supplements help people fit into their “skinny jeans” again. But it’s the stories where someone’s quality of life has improved that really pull at our heartstrings. 

Jerry is a perfect example of this kind of transformation…

Not long ago, the 33-year-old weight had climbed to almost 400 pounds. He knew he needed to lose weight for his own health, but he also wanted to be a good role model for his young daughter, who has type 1 diabetes.

Jerry set out to lose weight and gain muscle in the most natural way possible. He cleaned up his diet and started to exercise… but unfortunately, that only got him so far.

Like many people, Jerry hit a plateau. Until he stumbled upon an advertisement for the Thermo Shred Stack.

He started taking the four-supplement fat-burning dream team, and finally, after years of struggling to lose weight, the pounds began to fall off. 

Thanks to a faster metabolism, less ravish appetite, more energy, quality sleep and improved gut health– Jerry lost 200 pounds and has been able to keep it off!! 

Whether it’s someone losing 5 pounds or 200 with the help of Inno Shred and Volcarn…

Someone finally getting consistent cortisol-crushing quality sleep for the first time in their life using Night Shred

Or those that have finally rid themselves of bloating, GI issues or trimmed their waist with the help of Inno Cleanse

We can’t put into words what your testimonies mean to us here at Inno Supps.

From day one, our mission has been to develop cutting-edge, clean supplements you can trust that will supercharge your health and fitness results from within. Stories like Jerry’s are proof we are helping people do that! 

The Thermo Shred Stack took Jerry’s results to the next level, helping him drop 200 pounds!! Are you next?!

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