Cutting for summer? Here’s what Johnathan did…

Summer here and if you’re having trouble shaking off those winter pounds, check out how Johnathan used the Carb Cut Shred Stack to get shredded just in time for summer…

Being a former athlete, Johnathan has always been in decent shape. But a few years ago, he found himself a bulky 220 lb. He reached his gains, but it wasn’t in the areas he wanted.

Johnathan took a leap of faith and copped the Carb Cut Shred Stack — and he couldn’t believe the results! A few months later, he was weighing in at 199 lbs! He not only lost 21 lbs, he also GAINED a lot of lean muscle.

Johnathan is loving the results and very happy with his transformation. His body composition improved and he put on a lot of lean muscle mass — even his friends and family are noticing!

He’s more confident, his energy levels are up, and he’s more disciplined when it comes to diet and exercise. He says the Carb Shred Stack helped him in so many areas of his life — and not just physically. Mentally too!

Carb Cut Complete was a complete game-changer for Johnathan — especially because he’s a pizza lover! He says it’s a good feeling to know that he can rely on Carb Cut Complete to absorb some of those carbs, especially on his cheat days! 

Taking Inno Shred Focus first thing in the morning gave Johnathan laser-sharp focus throughout the day. Even during his workouts! He was amazed that he could feel it working — even better, it helped him stay in the zone

Before he started taking Night Shred Black, Johnathan would wake up 6 or 7 times each night. And then he’d wake up exhausted….

But now, he can sleep through the night, PLUS he feels a real difference in the quality of sleep he’s getting. He wakes up energized, doesn’t feel sluggish and feels like his body recovers much better after an intense workout.

Johnathan absolutely loves taking Volcarn 2000 before every workout! He stacks it with Inno Shred because it’s stimulant free and the combo gives him ultimate stamina and supercharged energy to him push through his workouts. 

Johnathan never went through with an actual full-body cleanse before Inno Cleanse. But now, his bedtime regime of Night Shred Black and Inno Cleanse has him waking up energized in the morning and feeling much leaner.

Overall, his gut feels better, everything looks a lot leaner and his waist feels nice and slim…In his words, he “feels clean, feel lean and overall great!” 

The best part is, he says he wakes up feeling like a superhero most days… and he can thank the Carb Cut Shred Stack for that!

Johnathan has experienced such good results that he’s even turned some of his friends onto Inno Supps supplements.

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