How Jenny dropped 85 LBS and CHANGED her life!

Can’t get rid of that stubborn fat hanging around your waistline?

Want to work out, but don’t have the energy to even get out of bed in the morning?

Are you having trouble pooping or digestive issues?

Then you’ll want to hear Jenny’s story…

Jenny, like many people, struggled with weight her entire life…

A job and two kids certainly didn’t give Jenny much time to focus on herself or her health… and the weight just kept coming on.

Plus, she was terribly out of shape and couldn’t walk far even if she was trying to get in some form of exercise.

The COVID-19 lockdowns were a blessing in disguise for Jenny because being confined to the house gave her the perfect opportunity to start focusing on herself, her kids and indulge in some self-care. 

She was searching for energy supplements and found the Thermo Shred Stack instead….

And her entire life — and health — completely changed…

Because Jenny LOST 85 POUNDS!!!!

She says she looks better and feels better than she has in years! And her confidence is sky-high!

Inno Cleanse took Jenny’s weight loss to another level. She’s always had digestive issues, and before taking Inno Cleanse, she wouldn’t regularly go #2. Her doctors recommended a bunch of laxatives, which never worked for her. But Inno Cleanse has changed all that.

“For someone with digestive issues Inno Cleanse is a complete game-changer for me.” 

Taking Volcarn 2000 before every workout helped Jenny blast through her sets — she was working out longer with way more stamina and endurance. 

Inno Shred Focus is one of Jenny’s favorites because she has trouble focusing. And being that Jenny is a late-night snacker, she saysitwas a godsend. Inno Shred Focus not only helped curb her cravings, but she also gave up sweets and ditched soda. 

Jenny set an exercise goal for herself and by the end of the year, she was CRUSHING IT walking 4-6 miles a day, 4-5 days of the week! All thanks to the Thermo Shred Stack!

And Jenny is only scratching the surface with her weight loss! She’s still on the journey to lose more weight, and she’s confident she can hit her goals with the Thermo Shred Stack!

Blast stubborn fat and reach your weight loss goals like Jenny with the Thermo Shred Stack!


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