How Samuel dropped 25 lbs: An EPIC summer body transformation!

Don’t let emotional eating keep you from your dream body! 

Emotional eating took Samuel down an unhealthy path that led him straight to type 2 diabetes. 

This devastating news made him really commit to get his weight under control. 

But always a yoyo with his weight his entire life, it was still hard for Samuel to lose weight, even knowing his health was at risk. 

… Until he found the SUMMER SHRED STACK!

With the Summer Shred Stack, Samuel LOST 25 LBS IN JUST 60 DAYS!

The self-proclaimed “supplement junkie” was on the quest for effective supplements, and Inno Supps gave him exactly what he was looking for. 

Every morning, Samuel would start his day with Volcarn 2000, which he could FEEL torching his stubborn, unwanted fat. “It gives immediate energy and that extra push I need.” 

And every evening he took Night Shred — for years his sleep schedule was inconsistent and he would always wake up sluggish and tired. He took OTC and even some prescription sleep aids, but they didn’t have the same effect as Night Shred. He feels a HUGE difference in his sleep now. 

Even if you’ve struggled with your weight all your life like Samuel, it’s never too late!!

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