12 Interesting Facts About Female Sex Drive, Orgasms and More

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Sex and sexual desire are different for every woman. Even your own libido will change numerous times throughout your life (heck, even multiple times a day).

There are lots of sneaky causes of low sex drive in women. Sexual desire is complicated, and so are all the ways it connects to our physical and mental health. Did you know that the root cause of your lack of desire could be the same reason you are putting on pounds or unable to lose weight?! 

Here are 12 fun facts about the female sex drive you might not know, some reasons for its rise and fall that might shock you, what it might be trying to tell you about your weight struggles, and a simple solution that will have you loving your libido and getting rid of your love handles at the same time!

Everything You Didn’t Know About Female Sex Hormones, Desire and Orgasms

1. Being well hydrated leads to better orgasms: Because the body is primarily fluid, being hydrated enhances your ability to achieve an amazing orgasm. Don’t like water? Try enhancing your H2O with fruit or natural BCAAs

2. Low libido has little to do with you growing old: Desire and age don’t necessarily go hand and hand. In fact, studies actually show that sexual satisfaction increases with age. The age correlation likely has to do with hormones that get out of whack during menopause, which happens later in life.

There are plenty of herbs found in nature that can help with that when you go through “the change.” Ironically, many of them can also enhance your libido! 

3. Tequila makes your clothes fall off, but it also dries up your lady bits: Get a little frisky when drunk? You aren’t alone. Studies claim women who drink are more interested in sex. But there is a caveat — too much alcohol can make your vagina dry, making sex less enjoyable and maybe even painful.

Stick to a glass or two of wine instead of the entire bottle. Speaking of wine, studies show that the aroma of wine replicates human pheromones, the chemical substances that cause behavioral responses in humans. Cheers! 

4. Eat your way to a spiced up sex life. You must have heard about aphrodisiacs. Well, apparently, if you make some quick fixes in your lifestyle and add aphrodisiac foods like oysters and dark chocolate to your diet; and herbs like spicy chili peppers, ginseng, tribulus, epimedium, damiana and maca, then you can reap some orgasmic benefits. 

5. Stress will sabotage your sex life. Stress and sex don’t go hand in hand. When stressed out, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol, which decreases your sex drive. It is impossible to eliminate stress, but you can help manage it.

Focus on relaxation techniques and consider supplementing with herbs clinically shown to lower stress, like ashwagandha. Just make sure you are taking it in the correct dosages, like the one in this female performance and vitality booster.  

6. Women think about getting it on almost as much as men. Psychologists found that women think about sex roughly 18.6 times a day, whereas getting it on crosses the minds of men about 24 times a day.

Curious if you think about sex more than your girlfriends? Compare text history. According to a match.com survey, 36 percent to 40 percent of people who think about sex several times a day use more than one emoji in every text.

7. Women have the “male” sex hormone and need it for a healthy libido. You may think of testosterone as primarily a male hormone, but the fact is that women rely on healthy testosterone levels to maintain good sexual health, as well. An imbalance of testosterone in the female body can have damaging effects on a woman’s health and sex drive.

Exercise, sleep, cutting down on processed sugar and supplementing with natural herbs and vitamins like vitamin D, zinc and ashwagandha are all shown to boost testosterone production.

8. Exercise gives women better orgasms (and might cause one, too). Did you know that some women are said to be able to orgasm while working out, thanks to repetitive core movement?! Talk about motivation, lol! If you aren’t one of the gifted ones pleasured while planking, your workout could still give you a better “O” once you get home.

Exercise primes the body for sexual activity by increasing blood flow to the genitals, making women more aroused. This feeling is at its strongest 15 minutes after exercise. So skip the treadmill after your lift and rush home for some sex instead. You’ll be doing cardio anyway, considering 30 minutes of sex burns about 200 calories! 

9. Sex makes “aunt flo’s visit” better. Women who have sex at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycles and want sex more when she visits. Our monthly period also has a big impact on sexual desire. There is a “horny” spot in the ovarian cycle.

Unfortunately, approximately 70 percent of men refuse to have sex during their partner’s period. Thank goodness for vibrators. Don’t blush. A U.S. survey shows that at least 55 percent of female participants owned at least one vibrator. 

10. Women have longer orgasms than men. The average male orgasm lasts six seconds; the average female orgasm lasts 20 seconds. That is… if you have healthy circulation. Women at any age can have lackluster blood flow. If you want record duration and powerful orgasms, you need blood flowing beneath the belt. Luckily, several natural herbs can promote better blood flow, therefore, better and longer orgasms

11.  Your sex organs have a “royal” meaning. The word “clitoris” is Greek for “divine and goddess-like.” Bow down, gentleman, bow down. Jokes aside, as women, we all want to think we’re goddesses in the bedroom, but the reality is that some of us may struggle at various times with sexual desire and satisfaction.

There are several causes of low sex drive in women and why we sometimes have less than “exciting” orgasms. Relational issues, self-esteem struggles, stress and imbalanced hormones lead the list. 

12. The same reason you don’t want to have sex could be why you can’t lose weight.  If you’ve found yourself not in the mood and also have put on some weight or aren’t responding to diet and exercise, it may be the same root cause — your hormones are low or imbalanced. While this is more likely to happen to women over 40, hormone imbalances can occur at ANY age. This is probably the No. 1 reason women lack sexual desire.

If you want to see if you have some of the symptoms of hormone imbalance, check out this quick read. There are five tell-tell signs you might be overlooking! 

Balance The Hormones That Drain Your Libido and Expand Your Waistline

If you are unhappy with your sex drive, think you are experiencing hormonal weight gain, or are just looking for a safe and effective way to get your female vitality back, there are natural herbs that can safely and easily help balance things out.

Certain adaptogens and nutrients like ashwagandha, B vitamins, zinc, shatavari, maca root, damiana, epimedium, and tribulus are all shown to help balance hormonal fluctuations that regulate weight and impact your sexual health and overall female vitality. 

Finding these herbs in one supplement and in effective dosages is challenging, but you can find them all in a women’s sexual health supplement called Inno Drive: For Her.

Some pretty impressive statistics back up the two main ingredients in Inno Drive: For Her.


This is a unique form of the highly studied adaptogen ashwagandha. Studies show that after eight weeks of taking KSM-66® ashwagandha, females diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction experienced:

  • Substantial improvements in female sexual dysfunction
  • Significant increase in arousal and lubrication 
  • Considerable improvements in orgasm and sexual satisfaction 

Research also suggests that women who consume ashwagandha experience increased libido, lubrication and satisfaction.

And as mentioned earlier, ashwagandha is known to help lower stress levels, which is a sex drive killer. It is also known to help balance out stress hormones that lead to weight gain. 


Remember above when several fun facts talked about blood flow? Boosting nitric oxide is one of the best ways to improve circulation below the belt. That is exactly what S7® is known to do. 

This unique combination of seven plant-based superfoods has been studied and shown to help the body increase its own nitric oxide production by up to 230%!

While those are the two star ingredients in Inno Drive: For Her. It contains a total of 15 research-backed herbs, botanicals, vitamins and minerals and natural aphrodisiacs.

Inno Drive: For Her so powerful at giving you your drive back and balancing the hormones that cause weight gain, even physicians and a top urologist specializing in sexual dysfunction suggests it to her female patients! 

Final Feisty Thoughts…

The female body is fascinating. Science shows we have stronger immune systems than men, have better memories, a higher pain threshold, and more. But being a lady also has some downfalls that can cause us to lose our youthful va va voom and experience hormonal weight gain. 

It is possible to love your libido and lose your love handles, and Inno Drive: For Her promises to do just that. 

These vegan-friendly female sex pills only have to be taken once a day and contain a unique blend of natural vitamins, minerals and herbs shown to help…

  • Promote healthy hormone balance 
  • Stimulate and support libido
  • Boost arousal and sexual stimulation
  • Lower stress hormones
  • Improve cognitive function and brain health