Spark Up Your Fourth Of July With These Must Haves!

Fourth of July weekend is here! It’s finally time to get ready for warm summer days and celebrate with our loved ones. Whether you’re heading down to the beach or grilling BBQ in your backyard, we found 4 essential items to have on hand this weekend to make your celebration fun and enjoyable. 


If you’re refraining from the booze this weekend, we’ve got some lip-smacking recipes you definitely need to try! From our Mango Chamoy Margarita Slushie to our Protein Piña Colada, we have guilt-free drinks that offer more than a delicious refresh!

Outdoor games

What better way to burn extra calories than with some fun, competitive games under the sun? Gather your friends for a round of beach volleyball or bust out a water balloon fight— the possibilities are endless! 

Fresh salads and juicy fruits

Summertime calls for fresh, vibrant salads and hydrating fruits! Whip up a colorful fruit platter for everyone to enjoy or salads with leafy greens topped with a refreshing low-calorie dressing. 

Stay hydrated…

… with our Natural BCAA! While you’re enjoying all the fun and games, it’s essential to stay hydrated! Formulated with natural electrolytes, 9 amino acids, BCAAs and glutamine + 3 mouth-watering flavors to choose from, this hyper-hydration essential will keep you replenished all day long. 

Remember, this weekend is all about celebrating freedom, good company and a healthy lifestyle. Make this Fourth of July weekend a memorable one that embodies the spirit of fun, health and happiness. 

Happy Independence Day!