Mahamud dropped 28 pounds with the Thermo Shred Stack!

We know it can be hard to find motivation, especially when those annoying voices in your head tell you that “you can’t.”

So we thought we’d share a customer transformation that will hopefully provide some motivation and encouragement. 

Back in the spring of 2022, Mahamud was struggling to lose weight he put on after a knee injury. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to lose more than a few pounds.

Fast forward to August… Mahamud made some changes to his diet and exercise regime and started taking several Inno Supps products. In only five months, he dropped 28 POUNDS!!!

Mahamud says he was shocked at how quickly he lost body fat after consistently incorporating the right supplements into his regime. “The results I got were insane. The supplements gave me that extra step to finish what I started.”

✓ Our stimulant-free pre-workout Max Strength HCI took his strength training to the “next level” and helped him preserve and put on muscle.

✓ Our stimulant-free liquid thermogenic Volcarn 2000 gave him “the heat” and stamina that pushed him to finish his cardio sessions when he says he would have typically tapped out.

✓ The combo of our daytime fat burner Inno Shred and nighttime sleep aid + fat burner Night Shred boosted his metabolism for amplified 24/7 fat burn, gave him energy during the day and restful, deep sleep at night.

✓ And Inno Cleanse helped improve his gut health. Getting rid of pounds of toxic waste helped him to lose weight and banish bloating to reveal that shredded six-pack! 

“In August, there was a lack of confidence. I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was gonna go. I put my head down and was able to grind out. It’s the start of the new year, and I’m going in with confidence and a new me,” says Mahamud. 

Mahamud’s remarkable transformation proves that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals with dedication and the proper tools.

If you are considering adding supplements to help you reach your 2023 goals faster and easier…

The Thermo Shred Stack is a great place to start. It has most of the supplements Mahamud used to help him during his transformation! 

We believe in the power of our products and are confident that you, too, can achieve your goals!