5 Ways Chili Peppers Help Burn Stubborn Fat

Are you tired of trying every diet and exercise plan and still aren’t seeing results? Or have you hit a plateau that you can’t seem to bust past no matter how hard you try? You might want to kick up the heat!! 

And we don’t mean adding more exercise or cutting additional calories… 

An extract in chili peppers is making waves in the weight loss community for its ability to aid in weight loss. It’s called Capsimax®, a form of whole-food capsicum extract from red chili peppers. This might very well be the missing piece to your weight loss puzzle! 

Read on to learn five powerful benefits of Capsimax and how it can improve your overall health. And help you finally shed those unwanted pounds. 

1. Capsimax Helps Increases Calorie Burn While Active and At Rest 

Capsimax is clinically shown to create more heat in your body (thermogenesis) to help boost the metabolism and increase the number of calories burned not only while exercising… but at rest. This is important for weight loss because resting metabolic rate accounts for 60-70% of daily calorie burn!! 

Studies show that just 100 mg can help you burn up to 116 additional calories without changing your diet or exercise regime. 

A better metabolism means more around-the-clock calorie burn!! Figuring out ways to increase metabolic rate, especially resting metabolic rate, can drastically improve daily calorie burn. 

Capsaicin helps you burn more calories if taken before exercise. More importantly, it helps boost resting energy expenditure.

2. Capsimax Helps Get Rid of Stubborn Body Fat

Studies show that taking Capsimax with a proper workout regimen helps burn stubborn fat, like the kind around your stomach, by helping mobilize something called free fatty acids.

The layer of fat under the skin is made up of primarily white fat. These fat cells are essentially unused, unburned calories your body holds onto because you have eaten more calories than you’ve burned. In contrast, free fatty acids are released fat energy stores.

Capsimax helps get these fat cells out of their “holding” pattern and triggers them to mobilize free fatty acids for energy and endurance. To put that in simple terms, this potent pepper extract tells your body to burn bad white fat instead of only storing it. 

One study discovered that when healthy subjects ingested 100 mg of Capsimax, they showed significant increases in free fatty acids and glycerol in their blood, an indicator of fat breakdown.

Another study examining the effects of capsaicin supplementation on body fat and fat mass found that people who took capsaicin experienced a 6% reduction in body fat compared with those who took the placebo. That might not sound like a lot, but in terms of body fat percentage, that is a bunch of fat! 

3. Capsimax Helps Curb Your Appetite 

We need food to survive, thrive, and give our muscles the nutrients they need to grow. However, most people want to eat more food than they need.

Being hungry is no doubt a common complaint amongst dieters. Having the ability to resist cravings, better control portion sizes and not snack between meals can work wonders for preventing overeating that leads to weight gain. 

A milder appetite can be particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with emotional eating or have difficulty sticking to a diet. 

Capsimax is a well-known appetite suppressant. In a study of 152 healthy men and women, taking Capsimax resulted in a significant 7.1% decrease in appetite!

4. Capsimax Is Natural

Many weight loss supplements contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals that could harm your health. Capsimax comes from chili peppers; there is nothing unnatural about that! Isn’t it crazy how the secret to weight loss sometimes lies in the most unexpected places? Like everyday spices found in our kitchen– like chili peppers!

Turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger are also spices that help with weight loss. But when it comes to chili peppers, sprinkling some on your food isn’t gonna do the trick. You would need to consume a lot of peppers to get enough of its fat-burning capsaicin. That would tear up your stomach! 

That is exactly why Capsimax has become so popular. It contains a clinically effective dose of capsaicin to avoid oral and gastric burning.

5. Capsimax Is Good For Overall Wellness

The benefits of Capsimax go beyond helping naturally target stubborn fat, boost metabolism and curb hunger cravings. Capsaicin is also helps improve overall health and well-being.

It’s rich in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds, which can help to protect the body against disease.

Some newer research also suggests capsaicin could positively impact memory impairment, be good for your gut bacteria and boost immunity. 

Additionally, capsaicin is being used in more and more topical pain medications due to the discovery that it might help with skin inflammation and pain.

Where to Find a Clinically Effective Dose of Capsimax

You can find 100 mg (the exact dosage used in many of the studies mentioned above) in our best-selling thermogenic fat burner. It also comes in a stimulant-free version if you prefer to work out or avoid stimulants all together.

In addition to Capsimax, Inno Shred Stimulant Free contains several natural ingredients that are well-studied to dramatically increase the metabolism, curb appetite, increase energy levels and help you reach your fat loss goals faster and easier! And the stimulant-free version will give you the same metabolism-boosting, fat-burning benefits as the original — without any caffeine!