Which Inno Shred Is For You?

Inno Shred Inno Shred Stimulant Free Inno Shred Focus

Today, we want to answer a question we get a lot about our three different Inno Shred fat-burners!

We want EVERYONE to experience the edge that a quality fat burner can give in getting to your goals! But we know everybody has slightly different goals and tolerance to stimulants. Lucky for you, we have three different Inno Shreds to choose from — the original Inno Shred, Inno Shred Stimulant Free and Inno Shred Focus.

First, let’s start with the ingredients you can find in all three:

Let’s start with how they’re the same…

1. All three contain Capsicum: We use a unique type of this cayenne pepper fruit extract called Capsimax®. Along with proper exercise and diet, capsicum has the potential to:

  • Help target stubborn body fat and use it for energy.
  • Reduce your day and nighttime cravings and overall appetite.
  • Skyrocket your metabolism and increase energy.

2. All three contain Paradoxine: This is a unique extract of grains of paradise that is said to aid in weight loss by:

  • Helping increase the production of brown fat. This is the GOOD fat your body needs to help maintain a leaner body.
  • Naturally speeding up your metabolism when active and at rest without cutting extra calories or adding more exercise. 

3. All three contain Green Tea Extract: EGCG has been shown to help improve health and body composition by:

  • Helping reduce body mass index
  • Increasing fat burn/oxidation
  • Helping you burn fat while you are at rest 

Also, all three are made with veggie caps that are not made from gelatin, making all three vegan-friendly. 

Now, let’s talk about how they’re different…

Inno Shred: Contains 200 mg of caffeine. We use an organic caffeine powder from green coffee beans called PurCaf®. Caffeine is a mild appetite suppressant and helps aid in fat loss by amplifying your body’s fat-burning process during exercise and increasing your basal metabolic rate. This version of Inno Shred also has rauwolscine, a rare variation of yohimbine that can help stimulate your central nervous system and help burn stubborn body fat that would typically sit dormant.

Inno Shred Stimulant Free: You still get all the same fat-burning benefits that regular Inno Shred has to offer in this version. Only this formula is stimulant-free! It’s great for those sensitive to caffeine or who just want to combine a fat-burner with a pre-workout or supplement that may already have caffeine. 

Inno Shred Focus: This version contains powerful nootropics shown to boost cognitive function and increase mental drive. We also included an additional appetite suppression carb-blocking matrix in this formula to amplify fat burn and boost the metabolism.

Now that we’ve given you the “skinny” on our popular and super effective fat-burners, you decide! Which Inno Shred is for you?