Bulking vs. Shredding: What’s the Difference + What do I take?

One of the most asked questions floating around the fitness space is people wondering if it’s possible to put on muscle and lose body fat at the same time. 

The answer isn’t black and white. Sometimes it’s possible to bulk and shred simultaneously, such as when someone has a significant amount of body fat to lose. But typically, it’s recommended to separate the two. 

To help you understand why, let’s break down the difference between bulking and shredding…

What is shredding?

Shredding (or cutting) is when you try to shred the excess fat that covers your muscles without losing muscle mass. This usually requires a slightly different training style, cardio and eating in a calorie deficit.

What is bulking?

Bulking is when you try to put on a good amount of muscle mass/ This typically requires a pretty hardcore training protocol and eating in a caloric surplus.

Knowing the difference between the two, you can see how logically bulking and cutting simultaneously isn’t probable.

That’s because….

  1. You can’t be in both a calorie deficit and surplus at the same time.
  2. You can’t be underfed and overdo it with cardio and endurance training without eating into some of your hard-earned muscle.

That said, there are a few diet hacks and supplements that can prevent you from gaining excess fat during a bulk and others that can help prevent muscle loss (and possibly even promote a little muscle gain) during a shredding season! 

Best Supplement Strategy For Shredding

1. Improve Your Metabolism – Diet and exercise will only take you so far if you are trying to drop body fat. Your metabolism has to be in tip-top shape! The best way to improve your metabolism is to eat plenty of protein, drink lots of water, lift heavy, incorporate HIIT intervals, get plenty of quality sleep and supplement with specific natural herbs designed to boost your metabolism! 

The Thermo Shred Stack is designed with your metabolism in mind! Each product works together to rev up your metabolism, hit fat cells from every angle and amplify fat burn (even while you sleep.) 

2. Tap Into Your Hunger Cues –  The most challenging part of a “cutting” phase is being in a calorie deficit. That is why it’s crucial that you understand your body and become in tune with your hunger cues. Plan your larger meals for times of the day when you know you will be hungriest, drink plenty of water and consider adding in natural herbs that can help suppress your appetite and enhance focus.  

This appetite-suppressing, carb-blocking, intensity and focus blend of natural herbs and nootropics can help with both – and is finally back in stock! Hurry and grab yours before it sells out again! 

Best Supplement Strategy For Bulking

1. Eat Plenty Of Protein – Your muscles are made of protein and require adequate amounts in your diet to grow and repair muscle tissue! Aim to consume between 1.2-2.0 grams per pound of body weight each day, with one serving always being a fast-acting, easy-to-digest protein immediately after lifts. 

Advanced Iso Protein is a quick, easy and delicious way to reach your protein goals any time of day, especially post workout. If you prefer a fast-acting non-dairy protein, this is the cleanest and best tasting vegan friendly protein on the market! 

2. Supplement with Creatine + A Pump Enhancer – Creatine is undoubtedly the most studied supplement in the industry and has been shown over and over to be an effective and safe supplement to help you build stronger and bigger muscles. Add a “pump enhancer” that will increase blood flow during your lifts, and you have a winning combo for muscle gain! 

One scoop of this pre-workout not only contains 5 g of Creapure®, the purest and most studied form of creatine, it is also formulated with Agmatine Sulfate, Betaine, HMB, L-Citrulline, Grape Seed Extract and more for skin tearing pumps, explosive strength and enhanced recovery!


If you are going to attempt this, use caution. You will be training hard on limited calories, which could lead your body to start using muscle for energy. 

One way to offset this is to ensure you are consuming enough lean protein at every meal and supplementing with creatine (this is the purest form on the market) and essential amino acids like these natural BCAAs, to help ensure your body is burning fat instead of muscle tissue!  

Whether you are hoping to bulk, shred or attempt both, we hope these tips are helpful!