3 Vegetables that Are Damaging Your Gut

Are these 2 gut-harming “anti-nutrients” hiding out in your favorite veggies?

  1. Lectins – This “anti-nutrient” interferes with the absorption of nutrients, disrupts good gut bacteria and can even lead to leaky gut!
  2. Oxalates – This compound makes it harder for your body to absorb critical minerals and can even cause kidney stones in certain people!

It might seem easy to catch these 2 culprits on product labels and keep them out of your diet… 

But the truth is, even the healthiest vegetables contain these two compounds…

And in the right amount, they could be damaging your gut from the inside out!

Here are 3 of the healthiest veggies that are also high in harmful “anti-nutrients”

  1. Spinach – Leafy greens like spinach contain many vitamins and minerals, but just a half-cup of cooked spinach contains up 755 milligrams of oxalates!
  2. Beets – Beets are an excellent source of nutrients and research shows their nitric oxide content helps lower your blood pressure, but they’re also one of the vegetables highest in oxalates at 152 milligrams per cup. 
  3. Tomatoes – They may be high in vitamin c and fiber, but these members of the nightshade family also contain lectins that may trigger digestive issues in people with sensitive stomachs!

You might be tempted to cut these 3 vegetables out of your diet, but researchers suggest that the nutrients you receive from vegetables like these make them simply irreplaceable… 

So how do you protect your gut from the dangers of “anti-nutrients” without sacrificing healthy veggies?

We’ve made it easier than ever to protect your digestive tract with our simple “gut-health optimization process”…

We call it the Complete Gut Health Stack!

Here’s how it works:

  1. CLEANSE your system to flush out lingering lectins, oxalates and other toxins that may be hiding out in your digestive tract.
  2. RESTORE your gut microbiome by flooding it with good bacteria and digestive enzymes.
  3. REPAIR your gut lining from the inside out with powerful postbiotics.

The 3 products in the Complete Gut Health Stack are carefully created with powerful, natural ingredients to completely revitalize you digestive health!